This four blade laminated wooden propeller was made by A. Darracq in London. Darracq were best known for producing motor cars before 1914. It was claimed by the donor in 1956 that the propeller was gifted to the donor's father, Major R.L Rosefield by Major Guilfoyle RFC as a token of appreciation for optical surgery performed by Major Rosefield. It is believed to have been fitted to a Royal Flying Corps BE2c biplane used in the canal zone of Egypt in about 1916. The BE2c was powered by a 100 horsepower RAF 1a engine. The hub has been replaced with a solid piece of wood as the propeller was cut up to transport it to Australia. Captain William James Yule Guilfoyle of the Royal Flying Corps was attached to No. 67 (Australian) Squadron AFC (Later No. 1 Squadron AFC) in Egypt in July 1916. He was a member of No. 14 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. The donor wrote that Guilfoyle had promised Major Rosefield a flight in a BE2c but No. 14 Squadron RFC was moved at short notice so the propeller was sent as a gift instead. It had apparently been damaged by the aircraft's own gunner.

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