This 1:30 scale model was donated to the Museum by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation in 1954. It was one of a group of models donated by CAC representing the aircraft built by the company. It is painted as A3-200, the last Wackett Trainer to be built although the silver paint scheme is not accurate as this aircraft was camouflaged at the time of delivery from the factory in April 1942. A3-200 crashed at Hervey Bay, Queensland on 24 February 1943 and was later converted to components. The Museum acquired the model from the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation in 1954 at the conclusion of the 'Jubilee of Flight' exhibition at the former Science Museum of Victoria in 1953-54. It had been loaned to the Museum for the exhibition but was then donated by CAC Manager Sir Lawrence Wackett. It is apparently a factory model used for promotional or display purposes.

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