Kodak 'Duex' medium format, fixed focus camera, manufactured by Kodak in Rochester, New York, U.S.A., 1940-1942.

It uses size 620 roll film, and takes 6×4.5 images on a half-frame format. The camera has an eyelevel, reverse telescopic viewfinder and a Kodak Doublet, fixed aperture f/11 lens. There are two shutter speed settings, marked 'I' [instantaneous, 1/30 sec.] and 'B' [timer]. The focal range is 2m to infinity.

The Duex is named for its 'half-frame' format, allowing for the capture of 16 images instead of the usual 12 per roll of film. The film advance knob is on the top plate. The camera does not have a flash holder connection.

Physical Description

Bakelite and metal camera with retractable lens and attached neck strap.

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