The R75/5 was the largest of three models in a new range of BMW high-performance sports bikes introduced in 1969. The success of these models led to a doubling of sales of BMW motor cycles with 35,700 of the R75/5 model being produced in the first three years alone. With push-button electric start, improved telescopic forks, advanced aerodynamics and one of the smoothest and quietest engines in its power range, the R75/5 was a popular choice for competition riding and touring throughout the world. It was also adopted by many police forces including the Victoria Police.

This example of the BMW R75/5 (Serial No. 2990080) was purchased by the Museum from the Victoria Police Transport Branch in 1974 after two years service as a police patrol motor cycle. It carried the Registration Number HF918 and had recorded 24,527 miles. The engine is a shaft-drive, 82 mm (bore) x 76.6 mm (stroke), 745 cc unit with a top speed of about 175 km/h.

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