Light machine gun, German, Bergmann MG 15 nA, LMG (light machine gun). Top action, right hand, 15 cal, .303 ins, serial no. 3371 m1065. Inscribed '1917'.

The Bergmann MG 15 nA (aka MG 15) fired 250, 200, or 100 rounds from metal-linked belts (claimed to be a first for a light machine gun); alternatively, a 'Kurbel drum' could be fitted that held 100-round linked belt. It filled an armoury gap between the rifle and the heavy machine gun, and was Germany's answer to the British Lewis gun. It was produced in large numbers after the Battle of the Somme, where German firepower was considered lacking, but was largely delivered to the Eastern and Palestine fronts. Its manufacture ended under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

The 'nA' stands for neuer Art ('new Model'), a revised version of the MG 15 that resolved reliability issues with the open bolt on the original design.

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