Portable typewriter of the typebar front strike class made by the Facit-Halda Company of Sweden. The Halda company was founded in 1887 by Mr Henning Hammarlund, a Swedish watchmaker. Mr Hammarlund became interested in typewriter manufacture and concentrated his efforts on that side of the business. In 1938 the company merged with Facit AB to become Facit-Halda Aktiebolag. The company began manufacture of portable typewriters in 1947.

The serial number of this particular example is P 15065, indicating that it was made in 1952.

Physical Description

Green crackle finish metal frame mounted on base that forms part of lockable case. Cylindrical platen. Typebars in curved horizontal type-basket in front of platen. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 44 character keys. 'SHIFT' and 'SHIFT LOCK' keys to left of keyboard, 'SHIFT' and 'BACKSPACE' keys to right of keyboard. All keys circular, black with white lettering. Full length spacbar in front of keyboard. Vinyl-covered wooden case with leather handle.

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