Electric typewriter of the typebar frontstrike class made by Paillard S.A. of Yverdon in Switzerland. The Paillard company began making typewriters under the Hermes name in 1923. The Ambassador manual typewriter was introduced in 1948 and the Ambassador Electric in 1959. The serial number of this machine is 856019 indicating that it was manufactured in 1960.

Physical Description

Cylindrical platen 480 mm (19 inches) wide. 46 typebars in horizontal semicircular typebasket in front of platen. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 46 character keys. Eight tabulator keys above keyboard. Removable typebasket cover. Flexible plastic cover for machine.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Dr Hayden J. Downing, 10/05/1977

  • Manufacturer

    Paillard S.A., Yverdon, Switzerland, 1960

  • Inscriptions

    On front of typebasket cover, above keyboard: 'Hermes / Ambassador / Electric' and below that label with: 'SALES: PHONE 411133 / DATAPRINT PTY. LTD. / 260 ALBERT ST., EAST MELB. / SERVICE: PHONE 411133' On back of machine: 'HERMES' On metal plate attached to back of machine: '220V - 50 Hz / 50 W [Symbols]' Engraved on top of frame, beneath typebasket cover: '856019 MADE IN SWITZERLAND [Symbol] FABRICATION SUISSE ' On front of flexible plastic machine cover: 'HERMES / Ambassador / FABRICATION SUISSE / MADE IN SWITZERLAND / D'

  • Classification

    Communications, Typewriting, Electromechanical

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    620 mm (Width), 445 mm (Depth), 260 mm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Office Equipment, Typewriters