Pair of child's leather clogs with wooden heels. According to the donor, they were made in England circa 1880. They are inscribed underneath 'Made by Samuel Midgley'.

Said to have been a prototype for a World Fair display, but the source of that information has not been recorded, so it should not be considered reliable. The clogs were donated to Museum Victoria in 1948.

A similar pair of clogs dated 1855-1889 held in the Powerhouse Museum collection (H4448-83) is considered 'typical of north country [ie. north England] clogs'.

Physical Description

Stiff, dark brown leather clogs, made for a young child. Narrow foot; pointed toe, squared at the end. High quarters, extending to flap on each side that crosses at front and is secured by a black metal fastener with raised scrollwork. Nails attach leather to roughly-carved wooden sole. Metal strips on sole and heel, following outline of shoe. No internal markings. Appear unworn.

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