Typewriter of the swinging sector index class made by the World Type Writer Company of Maine, U.S.A. The design was first patented in 1886 by John Becker of Boston, Masachusetts, U.S.A.

A semi-circular type plate carries the characters on a rubber strip attached beneath the curved edge. A handle/pointer is used to rotate the type plate while at the same time moving across a semi-circular index plate marked with characters. When the pointer is above the desired character the bar above the type plate is pressed, forcing the selected character on the rubber strip into contact with the paper. Ink is provided by an ink pad acroos which the rubber strip moves.

On this example part of the rubber character strip is missing.

Physical Description

Wooden baseplate. Metal mechanism. Semicircular rotating type plate with attached pointer/handle. Semicircular index scale, white with black lettering.

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