Launched in 1962, the self-propelled drilling ship Glomar III played an important role in the establishment of Victoria's Bass Strait natural gas fields. Beginning in December 1964 the Glomar III discovered the Barracouta and Marlin gas fields by March 1966 on behalf of Esso Australia and BHP which have since built drilling rig platforms to supply Victoria with natural gas. It was fitted with six Cummins VT-12-GA-30 diesel engines driving two screws. A helicopter platform is fitted on a raised structure at the stern of the vessel. The drilling rig was able to reach a depth of 25,000 feet. It was owned and operated by the Global Marine Company. This model was purchased by the Museum in 1983.

Physical Description

Wooden model ship with hull painted black and red with tall superstructure over central section for extracting oil. Rigging from drill tower and stern mast removed for Think Ahead exhibition, 2013.

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