Scale model of a Victorian Railways DDE-Class 4-6-2 tank type passenger steam locomotive built at Newport Railway Workshops in 1908. Numbered DDE-702. Model Scale: 1:48 O-Gauge model.

The model depicts the second locomotive of this class to have been built shown in its original red livery. The DDE-class were first introduced in 1908, designed as a variation of the Dd-class with side tanks and no tender, they were specifically intended for suburban passenger work. A total of 58 were built between 1908 and 1913. Following electrification of the suburban railway network in 1918-1926, they were re-classified and renumbered as D4-class, then transferred to general shunting work.

Physical Description

Metal model locomotive engine painted red and black.


(Extract from a small publication from the Institute of Applied Science of Victoria, called 'Some Models of Victorian Railways Locomotives in the Institute of Applied Science of Victoria'.)
'DDE Class Locomotive, 1908
The DDE tank locomotive was introduced in 1908 to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding Melbourne suburban service. A total of 58 of them was built, and they became thoroughly familiar to thousands of suburbanites making their daily trip to Melbourne and back. The last of them was built in 1913, and they continued in service until they were gradually displaced by the electrification of the suburban lines which started in 1919 and slowly extended. Their useful life was not then ended as they were transferred to shunting service with a new class designation D1.
All were built at the Newport workshops. The wheel system is 4 - 6 - 2, the tractive effort 20,780 lbs, and the weight 69 tons.'.

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