Postcard of H.M.A.S. Melbourne taken before May 1914, dated by Stoker Sorell, W.M. 10 Feb 1919. Sorell wrote to his mother saying that the ship was about to leave England for Australia. He asks his mother to get him a ticket (probably from Sydney to Melbourne) worth ten pounds, and allowing eight weeks for him to get back to Australia.

HMAS Melbourne was a Town class light cruiser, commissioned in 1913 and made in Birkenhead, England. She served during World War I, although participated in no battles, instead undertaking patrolling and escorting, including escorting troop ships from Australia in late 1914. After the war she became flagship of the Australian Squadron from 1922 until 1928. She was broken up for scrap in 1929 in Birkenhead.

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Image of the H.M.A.S. Melbourne taken 1914. On the reverse side is writing dated February 10th 1919.

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Black and white photograph on paper.

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