Model of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) 'V' class destroyer HMAS Voyager (I) built in the UK in 1918. Served with the Royal Navy until 1933 when it was transferred to the RAN. Voyager was one of the famous "Scrap-Iron Flotilla" (HMA Ships Stuart, Vampire, Voyager, Vendetta and Waterhen) that served with success in the Mediterranean in 1940-1941 including participation in the supply of besieged Tobruk. Voyager also took part in the first fleet action between the British and Italian navies at the Battle of Calabria on 9 July 1940. Voyager later served in the Pacific and was lost at Betano Bay on the coast of Timor during a mission to land Australian commando forces in September 1942. HMAS Voyager (I) displaced 1232 tonnes and carried four 4-inch guns

This custom-made 1:182 scale model of HMAS Voyager (I) is believed to have been built by Ron Sherlock, of Malvern East, from whom it was purchased by the Museum in 1957.

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