German trench or combat knife, circa 1916, with 151mm blade and scabbard. Stamped 'Rasiermesser-fabric Ern. Wald Rhein' and Imperial German inspection mark.

'Rasiermesser Fabrik' indicates that the knife was made by a razor blade manufacturer.

The knife was donated with a plaque 'He Died for Freedom' (NU 44369) issued in the name of Thomas Benjamin Shaw (MV Archives file 01540, letter 17 June 1986).

Physical Description

Knife and scabbard. Blade 151 mm. long, double edged at point, steel cross guard with upturned quillon wooden grips with nine diagonal grooves and secured to tang by three steel rivets. Imperial German inspection mark. Steel scabbard painted black with leather belt loop and retaining strap.

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