Pathfinder Land 120 camera, folding type, manufactured by Yashica and Polaroid, Japan, 1961-1965.
Features a Seikosha SLV shutter, 127mm, f/4.7, Yashinon lens.

Polaroid worked with Yashica to release the 120 model for the non U.S. market. There were three other Pathfinder models manufactured prior to this between 1952-1964. They were made exclusively by Polaroid for the U.S. market.

The Pathfinder cameras used Polaroid's picture roll Land film that ceased being used by 1992, however some models have been successfully converted to use modern films.

The Polaroid Corporation was established in Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 1937. The company is best known for its instant polaroid cameras that were first sold in the late 1940s.

Physical Description

Grey covered steel body with silver trim. Collapsible bellows. Front of camera forms a sliding bed for the lens plate when open. Has leather hand strap. Instructions on label affixed to back of camera.

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