Steiner 35mm viewfinder camera with a Steiner Bayreuth 45mm f/3.5 lens and Vario shutter, speed range 1/25 to 1/100 sec + B. Manufactured by Steiner-Optik GmbH in Bayreuth, Frankonia, Germany, circa 1956.
The company was reknowned for making good quality camera lenses and several other companies at the time sold their cameras fitted with Steiner lenses.

The Steinette was made in two models: the Steinette and the Steinette RF, the latter incorporating an uncoupled rangefinder. The Steinette was also sold under three alternate names, all identical and all made in Germany for other distributors: the Brelland, for distributor Foto Brelle in Cologne, the Hunter 35 for distributor R. F. Hunter in Britain and the Reporter for Kaufhof stores in Germany.

Physical Description

Black and silver all metal 35mm camera with fixed lens. Metal plate affixed to back of camera has table listing light conditions and types of film.

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