Autographic folding camera manufactured by Kodak, U.S.A, 1916-1926.
First camera to use the smaller 127 film, the compact style of the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak made it very popular during World War I. The folding mechanism allowed it to collapse down into a small, secure and portable unit.
The model name 'Autographic' comes from a quirky feature invented by Henry Gaisman and later purchased by Eastman Kodak where handwritten notes could be entered through the back of the camera directly onto the edge of the 127 film. A stylus can be slid into the back of the camera.

Physical Description

Black metal camera that folds out via bellows and metal backets. Front has viewfinder above lens and ball bearing shutter. Metal lever at base acts as stand. Stylus slides into rings attached to back of camera.

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