Kodak 'Brownie Starlet' camera, manufactured by Kodak Australasia Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia, 1957-1960.

This model was also made in the U.S.A., France and U.K. and is one of the Brownie 'Star' series of cameras. It uses size 127 roll film, and takes 4 x 4 cm images. The camera has an eye level, direct vision viewfinder and a Dakon meniscus lens, two apertures and fixed focus. The film winding key and shutter button are also on the side of the camera. On the opposite side of the camera is the flash holder connection.
Kodak 'Brownie Starlet' was introduced in 1957 and discontinued in 1960.

Physical Description

Box camera with a moulded smooth plastic body. It has a fabric carry strap. The viewfinder and the red shutter release are on the lens plate.

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