Nordenfelt quick firing machine gun, .450/.577 inch calibre, 5 barrels (side-by-side), mechanically operated. Made in Britain, 1887. Cone mount with traversing and elevating hand wheels. Enscribed: "NORDENFELT No.6005 1887 1 - 1 - 5 M. H."

This gun is similar to Nordenfelt guns that were fitted to the HMVS Cerberus as anti-torpedo weapons in the late 1880s; however, the latter were 4-barrel models. The HMVS Cerberus was a Monitor Class armour-plated battleship built for the Victorian Colonial Navy in 1870. It served with the Victorian Navy until after 1900. The hull was later scuttled off Sandringham as a breakwater where it remains today and is now a protected shipwreck site.

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