Alternative Names: Poonah Figure, Poona Figure

Clay figure of a Nautch Girl made in Pune in India in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It was exhibited as part of a group of figures representing various castes, occupations and religious sects. Such figures were exhibited at International Exhibitions and often won awards. This figure was accessioned by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in either 1867 as a purchase from Stubb and Co, or was gifted to the Gallery by the India Commission of the Melbourne International Exhibition at the close of the Exhibition in 1881. Nautch is a popular dance style from the North of India. It is performed by young girls called 'Nautch Girls'.

Physical Description

Figure of a woman on a wooden base. The base is painted black turned wood. The figure is plaster/composition modeled over wooden dowels, it is painted with a fair skin tone and dressed in fabric. Her garments consist of a red cotton blouse, white and red pleated floral underskirt with a sheer pleated cotton skirt over the top, with two rows of gold trim. She has a gold and purple waist sash and a scarf of gold and purple around her shoulders. Her arms are both raised as if dancing.

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