Alternative Names: Poonah Figure, Poona Figure

This clay figure of a gentleman seated in a carriage being drawn by a horse was made in Lucknow, India. It was exhibited at the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880, as part of a group of figures representing various castes, occupations and religious sects in India. This group was awarded a Third Order of Merit and was exhibited as part of the British India Court. It was gifted to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) by the India Commission of the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880-81. The NGV Stock book records identify this group as 'Gentleman seated in Carriage drawn by a Horse'.

Physical Description

Figure of a man seated in a carriage being pulled by a horse and driver, on a base made from fired clay. The base, men, horse and carriage are all fired clay modelled over ferrous metal armature, which attaches to the base where necessary.The horse is painted brown, with a darker brown mane and tail. The carriage has dark brown supports and the roof is red with a purple and gold trim. The driver and passenger are both seated on white bases; the driver is dressed in pink pants a white tunic and white turban, he has a dark brown skin tone and is driving the horse with a whip. The passenger is seated cross-legged, has a fair skin tone and is dressed in black pants and a top and a white coat.

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