Grammophon recording of 'Aller Anfang ist Schwer'', the artist is unknown. This may be a nursery rhyme; the first commercial recordings were nursery rhymes.
The disc is a single sided 5 inch lateral cut engraving, probably zinc, manufactured by E. Berliner's Grammophon company. It very probably played at 150 rpm.
The disc was played on the first commercial gramophone, manufactured by Kaemmer and Reinhardt, Walterershaufen, Germany from 1889 to 1894.

Description of Content

Type: Berliner 05 in. Contents: "Maxims". Company: E. Berliner's Grammophon. Type details: comments: German patent nos. DRP 45048 and R 443.

Physical Description

Single sided 5 inch disc, probably made of zinc, with engraved playback grooves on one side, with central hole.

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