Digital "Correspondent" portable data terminal, Model LA - 12 C: comprises QWERTY keyboard, dot matrix printer and acoustic modem in single unit; all within a flexible carrying case (110-240 volts operation, 80 watts).

Made by Digital in the United States of America, circa 1975.

Physical Description

Keyboard/printer in zip up case. There is an input for an acoustic modem on one side. The printer contains a role of paper. Case contains mains lead, carrying strap, connector plug and twp plastic stoppers. Documents include: Listing: DECwrnt User Documentation Packageitter Correspondece; print-out; DECwritter Correspondent Installation Guide; DECwritter Correspondent Reference Card; DECwritter Correspondent Programme Reference Manual; digital LA12 CORRESPONDENT INSTALLATION REPORT; Installation Notes; DECwritter Correspondent Operator Guide Addendum; DECwritter Correspondent Operator Guide; ECO STATUS form; User Information Booklet

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