Model of the Royal Navy Arethusa class light cruiser HMS Penelope. Built by Harland & Wolff at Befast HMS Penelope was commissioned in 1936. At the start of World War II Penelope served with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron of the Home Fleet and was severely damaged by running aground during the Noorwegian Campaign in 1940, requiring an extensive rebuilding program. In 1941 Penelope served in the Mediterranean escorting Malta convoys and was damaged by German and Italian air attacks. Penelope took part in shore bombarments and actions connected with the invasions of Sicily and Italy in 1943. While operating in support of the Anzio landings near Rome, Penelope was torpedoed twice by U-410 and sank with the loss of 415 of her crew.

This model was made by E.J. Krummeck of Melbourne and was purchased by the Museum in 1941. It is part of a collection of British and Australian naval ship models purchased from Krummeck.

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