Model of Royal Navy Kent class heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland. This ship was built by Vickers Armstrong at Barrow and commissioned in 1928, serving for the next ten years with the China Station. At the beginning of World War II HMS Cumberland was with the South America Division and took part in the search for the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee although Cumberland arrived too late take a direct part in the action which led to the German ship being scuttled off Montevideo. Cumberland remained in the South Atlantic escorting convoys and taking part in hunting groups searching for German auxiliary cruisers. From 1941 to 1944 Cumberland escorted Arctic convoys to Russia and back with the Home Fleet. In 1944 she served in the Indian Ocean with the Eastern Fleet against Japanese forces. In September 1945 Cumberland landed a party of Royal Marines at Sabang in Sumatra to occupy the port and then moved to Batavia (Jakarta). Cumberland continued to serve with the Royal Navy mostly as a trials ship until 1959 when the ship was broken up at Newport.

This model was made by E.J. Krummeck and was purchased by the Museum in 1941 as part of a collection of British and Australian naval ship models.

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