Model of Royal Navy (Third Group) Southampton class cruiser HMS Edinburgh. Built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Newcastle and commissioned in 1938. HMS Edinburgh served with the Home Fleet and took part in the 1940 Norwegian Campaign. During 1941 the ship escorted convoys to Malta before rejoining the Home Fleet in late 1941. While escorting convoy QP-11 returning from Russia in April 1942, HMS Edinburgh was torpedoed by U-456 and then attacked by German destroyers. After a further torpedo hit, the ship was abandoned with 58 of her crew dead and was then sunk by a Royal Navy destroyer. HMS Edinburgh was carrying 465 gold ingots from Russia as payment for war supplies from Britain. Most of this gold was salvaged in 1981. Her sister ship HMS Belfast is preserved in London by the Imperial War Museum.

This model was built by E.J. Krummeck and was purchased by the Museum in 1941 as part of a collection of British and Australian naval ship models.

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