Model of Royal Navy Sentinel class cruiser minelayer HMS Adventure. This ship was built at Devonport, UK and commissioned in 1927. Adventure was the first dedicated minelaying vessel for the Royal Navy although the ship was unique in that it was also intended for use as a cruiser and had an auxiliary diesel engine for long-range patrols. During World War II, Adventure was severely damaged by a German magnetic mine explosion in November 1939 which killed 23 of her crew. Following repair Adventure laid mines in the English Channel and North Sea in 1940-42. Adventure served in the Mediterranean and intercepted the German blockade runner 'Irene' off Spain in April 1943. After 'Irene' was scuttled HMS Adventure rescued 157 survivors of the German ship which had previously been the Norwegian 'Silvaplana' captured by the German raider Atlantis in September 1941. By 1944 Adventure had been converted to a depot and repair ship and was used in support of the D-Day invasion to maintain and repair one of the Mulberry portable harbours at Arromanches. After a brief period in reserve, Adventure supported British occupation forces in northern Germany and was broken up in 1947.

This model was made by E. J. Krummeck of Melbourne and was purchased by the Museum in 1941. It is part of a collection of British and Australian naval ship models purchased from Mr Krummeck.

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