Typewriter of the thrust-action class, manufactured by the Williams Manufacturing Company of Montreal, Canada. The design was patented in 1892 by Wellington Parker Kidder of Massachusetts, U.S.A. and produced by the Williams Manufacturing Company simultaneously in the US (as the Wellington) and in Montreal (as the Empire).

In this typewriter, each typebar carries its character on one end of the bar. The typebars are arranged in a fan pattern with the printing point at the centre of the fan. When a key is depressed, the operating mechanism slides a typebar forward so that its character strikes the ribbon and paper at the printing point.

Physical Description

Metal frame with plated metal components. Cylindrical platen. Typebars arranged in fan configuration and covered by fan-shaped metal cover. Two ribbon spools on vertical axes.Three-row QWERTY keyboard with black circular keys with white lettering. Large shift key of bent metal in centre of keyboard.

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