Kodak 'No. 3 Brownie, Model B' box camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, New York, U.S.A., circa 1915.
The 'Brownie' camera was first introduced in February 1900 and whilst the Model B version was manufactured between 1911-34 this particular camera was most likely made prior to 1917 when a new kind of case latch was introduced.
The camera consists of a leatherette-covered card case with a metal interior film box. The camera uses 124 roll film, a perfect format for contact printing, making it ideal as a travel camera. This was one of the simplest cameras available: the photographer would shoot the film and take the camera - with the undeveloped film still in the camera - to the local Kodak film processor. The camera would then be returned to the client reloaded with new, unexposed film together with the photographic prints. Hence the Kodak slogan for this and similar earlier model cameras at the time: 'You press the button, we do the rest'.

Physical Description

Rectangular black box camera, Kodak 'Brownie' No. 3, Model B. Wooden box encased in black leather. Leather handle across top of camera. Metal film winder and shutter lever on right side. Top and side view finders for portrait/landscape images. Front of camera has central lens with view finders in top right corner. Metal clasps at top and right side hold camera closed. Opens by releasing these clasps and pulling front of camera forward. Interior metal film box has manufacturing and patent information embossed on right side.

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