The 'Super Silette' camera was manufactured by AGFA, Germany, circa 1955.
It has a Solinar 1:3,5 45mm lens with Synchro Compur shutter, split image range finder and manual exposure. The Super Silette models, of which there were multiple variants, were manufactured during the 1950s.

The history of AGFA goes back to 1867, when the company Aktiengesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation (Aniline Production Corporation) was founded in Berlin, Germany. Aniline merged with L. Gevaert & Cie, a company founded in 1894 in Antwerp, Belgium and specialising in the manufacture of photographic paper. The AFGA trade mark first appeared in 1897. By then the firm was manufacturing X-ray plates and photographic film products and soon after, in 1903, it began producing 35mm motion film stock.

The company went through many changes as a result of mergers with other companies, most notably with Bayer in 1925. Agfa-Gevaert withdrew from the photographic film and camera manufacturing market in 2004.

Physical Description

Camera with black and chrome all metal body.

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