'Nettar 515-2', folding camera, manufactured by Zeiss Ikon, Germany, circa 1933.
It was self-erecting, the front springing into position when the opening button on the side of the camera was activated. The front, when in the open position, has a little foot to stabilise the camera for time exposures. The speeds are from 1 to 1/250 sec plus timer. The camera uses size 120 roll film, and takes 6×9cm exposures. It has a Novar Anastigmat 1:6.3/105mm lens with a Compur-Rapid leaf shutter. It has a reflecting, waist level viewfinder on the lens with two positions for vertical and horizontal orientations. It also has a metal eye level sight-frame on the side of the camera, designed to show the same image as that which would be produced on the face of lens.

The 'Nettar 515-2' was first released in 1933 and, as with other models in the Nettar series of cameras, it was advertised for the amateur photographer.

Physical Description

Camera: metal body covered in black leatherette with original brown leather case and neck strap. The front of the camera acts as the base baseboard for the lens when opened. A small chrome metal foot on the baseboard stabilises the camera for time exposures. Black leather bellows attached to the lens. Chrome struts on either side of the bellows. It has a Novar Anastigmat 1:6.3/105mm lens.

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