Horse brass: Sun disc, consisting of a central ceramic hemisphere coloured red, white and blue with a brass button on top. Bordered with lip and 15 circular perforations and crenate edge. Type: stamped in a staple on the back in the middle which has been soldered on. Date: 1930-1955.

"Ceramic Center Horse Brasses - Ceramic center horse brasses were produced from 1870 to 1950s . These beautiful brasses come in many colors, red, blue, white, black, navy and many of them are striped red, white, and blue. The back of a ceramic can provide identification of the age of the brass. The older ones have two metal prongs soldered on the back , holding the ceramic center in place. The newer ones, 1930 to early 1950, have a bolt and screw, holding the ceramic in place. Almost all ceramic brasses were stamped. Only a few of the later ones, 1940s to 1950s are cast brasses. Their extreme rareness is obviously a product of the fragility of the ceramic itself." (See:

The sun embodies the powers of creation and the source of life and light, and represents the celestial or spiritual influences wihch the Earth receives. (See 'Pengiun Dictionary of Symbols')

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