Horse brass depicting the Tower of Refuge castle, with two clover leaves coming out of a tower. Circular border. Type: cast brass. Date: 1824-1939.

The horse brass depicts the Tower of Refuge standing on the Conister Rocks in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man.

'The Tower of Refuge is the structure built upon St Mary's Isle (Conister Rocks) by Sir William Hillary (who helped to found the Royal National Lifeboat Institution) in 1824. Having witnessed several shipwrecks upon the semi-submerged rock, he intended it as a refuge for survivors until help could arrive. He helped secure public contributions for funding the building and contributed a high proportion of the costs personally. The islet itself was privately owned, but was contributed by its owner. In the years shortly after its construction, it continued to be well stocked with provisions such as bread and fresh water.' ('s_Isle_(Conister_Rocks_or_Tower_of_Refuge))

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