Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic folding camera, made by the Kodak Eastman Co. in Rochester, New York, with patents from 1902-1913. Production dated from 1915-1926. It uses size 127 roll film and takes images measuring 4.13 x 6.35cm (1.63 X 2.5 inches).

Physical Description

Rectangular, black, metal camera with rounded ends. Front of camera shows central lens window bordered by an irregular shaped metal plate with extensive text, and view finder to right of lens. Top of camera has metal film winder on right side, and a small 'lock/open' switch for unfolding the camera. The front opens by releasing the catch and pulling out the metal panel which holds the lens window. The front remains adjoined to the body of the camera by a leather 'accordion' fold out. The extent to which it is folded out is controlled by the metal hinges. The back of the camera has a circular metal plate in the centre with an orange-tinted window. On the right side of the back is a vertically rectangular metal plate with embossed lettering. Plate will lift up with a hinge on one side. Comes with a brown leather case attached to a leather belt allowing the camera to be worn.

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