Officers Dudley Townley, Laurie Cadell and Burke sit at a table with a white table cloth, taken in Egypt during World War I. Townley is wearing shorts and has Sergeant stripes on his uniform jacket. The photo is inscribed '10 Feb 1916...Left to right Sgt Townley, Lawry [sic] Cadell 6th LH (Light Horse) 6th LH Regt, [sic] Q.M.S. Burke 7th LH Regt.' The photograph caption in Museum Victoria's database also previously read 'Sergeant Townley's 21st Birthday Party, France', for reasons unknown.

Duplicate of photograph ST 041174, labelled in Sergeant Townley's handwriting 'Christmas Dinner at the Cafe au borde du nil. Egypt 1916.' The caption on the back of this photograph is in the handwriting of Townley's son. Records show that Townley was not made Sergeant until April 1916, but he was at the Somme in France for Christmas 1916. Both captions appear incorrect.

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Dudley Townley, Laurie Cadell and Q.M.S. Burke sitting at a cafe table.

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Black and white photograph on paper.

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