Portable typewriter of the typebar, front strike class, manufactured by the Corona Typewriter Company of Groton, New York, U.S.A. The company was formerly known as the Standard Typewriter Company and later merged with the L. C. Smith Company to become the Smith-Corona Company. The Model 3 entered production in 1912.
In the Model 3 the carriage, complete with platen and ribbon spools, folded forward over the keyboard to reduce the height and depth of the machine for portability. This particular machine is complete with a leather-covered wooden case and instruction manual tucked inside the case lid. The serial number of 195860 indicates that the machine was made in 1919.

Physical Description

Black metal frame. Cylindrical rubber-coverd platen 220 mm wide. Typebars strike forward against platen from curved horizontal type-basket. Ink ribbon carried between two spools on vertical axes. Three-row QWERTY keyboard with 28 circular character keys with black lettering on a light background. 'FIG' and 'CAP' keys (light lettering on a black background) to left of keyboard. 'BACKSPACE' key above and behind keyboard to right of type-basket. Long black spacebar in front of keyboard. Carriage, with platen and ribbon spools, folds forward over keyboard pivoting on axis at front of type-basket. Wooden case covered in black leather with metal clasp and leather handle. Front of case lid has become detached from rest of lid.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mrs D. H. Ferguson, 11/1970

  • Manufacturer

    Corona Typewriter Co., Groton, New York, United States of America, 1919

  • Inscriptions

    On paper guide: '[Decal] CORONA / [Logo] / TYPEWRITER'. On front of typebasket, above and behind keyboard, decal with words: 'CHARTRES PTY LTD / CAPEL COURT / 375-377 COLLINS ST., MELBOURNE' On front of typebasket, above and behind keyboard: 'CORONA' On front of frame beneath spacebar: CORONA TYPEWRITER COMPANY INC. GROTON [Illegible] / U.S.A. On back of frame: PATENTED / JUNE 10, 1913 / [List of dates] / JULY 10, 1917 Serial Number: 195860

  • Classification

    Communications, Typewriting, Mechanical

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    270 mm (Width), 250 mm (Depth), 160 mm (Height)

  • Dimensions

    270 (Width), 230 (Depth), 100 (Height)

  • Dimensions

    285 (Width), 275 (Depth), 118 (Height)

  • Keywords

    Office Equipment, Typewriters