Scale model of 3,000 horsepower (2.2 MW) electric locomotive No.Y-5010, with AAR 1-C+C-1 wheel arrangement, built for the Great Northern Railway, by American Locomotive Co. (ALCO), Schenectady, New York, United States of America, with electrical components supplied by General Electric. The 16-wheel locomotive had two triple-driving-axle bogies and diamond pantographs at either end for 11 kV AC, 25 Hz, single-phase overhead-wire electrification, and used motor-generator sets to rectify the alternating current line voltage into direct current for their traction motors.

The model is built to an approximate scale of 1:45 for operation on O-Gauge model railway systems with a track gauge of 32 mm.

The locomotive depicted entered service in August 1927, and was the first of eight locomotives in the Y-1 class, specially designed and built for the 73-mile (117 km) electrified portion of the Great Northern Railway, from Wenatchee, Washington to Skykomish, Washington, which included the 7.79-mile (12.5 km) long Second Cascade Tunnel, built in 1925-1929. Electric traction was employed because there was insufficient air in the tunnel for diesel or steam locomotives to operate.

In 1956, following the installation of a forced ventilation system operations through the Cascade Tunnel were converted to diesel haulage and the Y-1 locomotives were sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad, which classified them as FF2. GN No.5010 became PRR No.1, remaining in operation until 1966.

Physical Description

Metal locomotive model painted black with 'Great Northern' logo on each side of a silver goat in silhouette standing on a rock inside a circle with a red background. There is also a small GE logo on each side. The pantographs can be raised and lowered.

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