Postcard commemorating the steamship S.S. Omrah at Gibraltar. Includes hand-written text dated June 13th, with no year recorded. It is addressed to Muriel Roberts of South Australia.

The Omrah was built in 1899 and served as a passenger ship before being refitted as a troopship by the Admiralty for service in World War I. It was part of the convoy the carried the first contingent to Egypt, departing in September 1914; Commonwealth control of Omrah ceased on 2 October 1915 (some sources say 10 Feb 1915). It was then given back to its owners, the Orient Line (according to image caption 00040957 in the National Library). In January 1917 it was again used to take Australian soldiers to war. It was sunk in the Mediterranean on 12 May 1918, with the loss of one life.

Description of Content

S.S. Omrah, steamship. Showing the Orient- Royal Mail Line ship at Gibraltar and the 'Line' emblem on back top left hand corner of postcard. Includes hand-written text dated June 13th. Addressed to Muriel Roberts of South Australia.

Physical Description

Coloured postcard depicting a ship under steam, approaching a rocky mountain. Small ships move through the choppy waters. On back upper left of postcard, 'Line' emblem and hand-written text.

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