Flintlock musket, cal. 19 bore (.625), steel smooth bore part octagonal part round imitation damascus barrel, 81.20cm long. African trade musket, made in Belgium, first half of nineteenth century.

Physical Description

Three imitation gold breech bands. Steel side lock and swan-necked hammer on R.H. side, oval triggerguard with front spur, finial extensions and lightly engraved with foliate motifs, no sideplate and brass butt plate. All furniture of nickel silver. Pin front sight, and no rear sight, though tang screw is aligned to act in this capacity, barrel secured by barrel pins and one key, two nickel silver ramrod tubes, brass tipped wooden ramrod. Two sling swivels. Wooden stock extends to muzzle, underside of stock elaborately carved in the figure of an elephant with inlaid glass eyes. Lockplate stamped with a cresent moon, a hand and a five pointed star enclosed within an oval shield, and both lockplate and hammer lightly engraved with foliate motifs.

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