Percussion sporting rifle, double barrelled express (Elephant gun) 20 bore (cal. .597), steel side-by-side, slightly tapered, damascus round barrels, browned, 61.3cm long.

Made by Henry Tatham, London, serial number 3008, circa 1850.

Physical Description

Rifled with a raised central rib, front blade sight, and rear sights for 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 yards, two ramrod guides soldered to underside of barrel rib, steel side locks on left hand and right hand sides. Lockplates, triggergaurd, barrel tang, ramrod guide and hammers engraved with fine foliate scrolls. Wooden half stock chequered at wrist with steel ramrod mount at foreend, sling swivels in stock and off ramrod guide. Vacant nickel silver escutcheon inlaid in underside of stock. Wooden ramrod with brass tips at either end.

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