Flintlock blunderbuss, cal. 29mm at muzzle, steel smooth bore bellmouthed half octagonal half round barrel, 37.60cm long, with sprung triangular bayonet, 27.60cm long, mounted on barrel upper, bayonet catch at muzzle defective, tang screw missing.

Made by John Collis, Oxford, circa 1790. John Collis was active between1782 and 1792.

Physical Description

Steel side lock and swan-necked hammer with sliding saftey catch on R.H. side, brass oval triggerguard with plain extensions, no sideplate and brass butt plate. Barrel secured by two barrel keys, two brass ramrod tubes, steel tipped wooden ramrod. Wooden stock extends almost to muzzle, split in stock at rear of triggerguard through both sides.

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