American lever action sporting rifle, Henry Model 1860, .44 in., rifled (six groove) blued octagonal barrel, 60.18cm long, with tubular magazine under barrel, capacity fifteen rounds.

Made by Newhaven Arms Company, Newhaven, Connecticut, serial number 8217, circa 1864.

Physical Description

Brass receiver with engraved acanthus scrolls and floral motif against a stippled background, on both sides, a dear leaping over a fence on the L.H.side. Brass butt plate, nickel silver barleycorn front sight and graduated rear sight to 800 yards on the leaf. Wooden stock is not original and has probably been replaced in Australia, possibly with red gum. Split in stock running backwards from rear triggerguard extension.


Statement of Signficiance:

In early 1854, the formidable team of Horace Smith, Daniel B.Wesson and Benjamin Tyler Henry received a patent for improvements to the earlier Jennings designed rifle which housed the cartridges in a tubular magazine under the barrel. The development led to the appearance in the following years of the well known lever-action rifles such as the Henry and Winchester rifles and carbines, popularised a century later by Western genre films.

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