Pair of cased percussion double barrelled pistols, cal. 44 bore (.473 in.). Made by James Beattie, London, circa 1870.

Physical Description

Muzzle loading, smooth bore, under & over barrels 4 3/8 in. (111 mm.) Long, notch backsight, bead foresight, overall length 9 1/2 in. (241 mm.). Box lock with side hammers, long hammer on R.H. side, steel vent screws under nipples, oval steel trigger guard, two triggers. Finely chequered wooden stock, steel belt hook on L. H. side. Oak case lined with maroon baize, folding brass carrying handle let into lid, accessories include powder flask with cap & bullet recess (red leather covering), bullet mould, wad punch, cleaning rod & one jag, nipple wrench & tin of Ely caps.

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