Percussion pistol, cal., 26 bore (.562 in.)

Marked as made by Nock, London. Henry Nock (1741-1804) was a notable London gunsmith and became Master of the Gunmaker's Company in 1802. This pistol is probably a contemporary forgery from the Birmingham gun trade.

Physical Description

Muzzle loading, smooth bore, octagonal barrel 8 1/8 in. (207 mm) long, U notch backsight, nickel silver mounted foresight, overall length 14 1/8 in. (359 mm). Box lock with central hammer, steel screw in vent plug under nipple, oval steel trigger guard, finely chequered wooden stock, oval silver monogram plate, nickel silver butt cap, swivel ramrod in a grooved rib under the barrel. Mounts engraved with foliate scrolls. Two screws missing from top of lock

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