Valve tester purpose built for valves used in the CSIRAC Computer. There were sockets for specific valve types. This tester was used to check the characteristics (properties) of the valves used in CSIRAC. Valves deteriorate over time and the tester was used to check that they were still suitable for use. CSIRAC (previously CSIR Mk 1) used about 2000 valves.

This tester was designed specifically to test the valves used in CSIRAC. General purpose valve testers had to 'programmed to test the characrteristics of a particular valve before it could be tested - a lengthy business that was required for each valve type. This tester made testing much easier and quicker.

The date range was selected because it is believed that the valve tester was introduced at the same time as the memory redsign project started in Sydney. The valve types (specific to this tester) were introduced then.

Physical Description

Grey metal box, rectangular but with sloping front panel. Sloping panel contains three large white-faced circular dials, five rotary switches and four indicator lights. Flat top panel contains ten valve sockets and two screw terminals, plus a diode socket. The unit has a carrying handle at each end.

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