Gents wrist watch, plastic movement, nickel plated case with stainless steel back, 'Astrolon', Tissot, Switzerland, circa 1973.

Tissot developed this movement made almost entirely of injection-moulded plastic in 1971. The number of parts was reduced from 90 in a standard Swiss watch to 52 parts. The watch was not repairable and was designed to be thrown away if it broke down.

This watch therefore predated the highly-successful Swatch watch by some 14 years. But Tissot did not successfully market the watch, and the Swiss watchmaking industry was under huge pressure form Asian-made cheap watches.

Physical Description

Brass case plated with nickel and with stainless steel back. Silvered dial has silvered hands and centre sweep seconds hand. Silvered metal markers for hours and is marked with a 'T' in raised square. Clear plastic back plate. Spring wound; lever escapement. Plastic disposable movement; main train of white plastic, escapement of blue plastic.

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