Portable typewriter of the type-wheel class, manufactured by the Remington Typewriter Company of Ilion, New York, U.S.A. The design was originally patented in 1889 by George C Blickensderfer and marketed by his company as the Blickensderfer 5, beginning in 1893. Production ceased when Blickensderfer died in 1917. The tools and dies were eventually bought by the Remington Typewriter Company who re-started production of the Blickensderfer 5 in 1927-28 as the "Rem-Blick".

Depressing a key on this machine causes the type wheel to rotate until the selected character is in position, followed by a downstroke motion to press the character against the paper and platen. Ink is applied to the characters as the typewheel brushes past an inking roller during the downstroke.

The serial number on this machine indicates that it was produced in May, 1928. It is provided with a wooden carrying case.

Physical Description

Metal frame. Cylindrical platen. Black-painted cover over part of mechanism. Type wheel with three rows of characters. Three-row QWERTY keyboard with white circular keys with black lettering. Wooden case has hinged lid fitted with two catches and handle on the front.

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