Double barrelled shotgun, 15 gauge 17 mm. Side by side twist steel barrels 754 mm long. Cased

Made in Belgium, circa 1930.

Silver presentation plate on stock bears "From F. C. C. to W. E. J. C. August 28, 1931 and Masonic symbol [compass & square]". Presented to William Edwin James Cole, 1931. William (Bill) Cole was a dedicated Mason, belonging to four Masonic lodges.

Physical Description

Breech loading, Lefaucheux action, barrels drop down. Back action locks, square front trigger guard, wooden stock, chequered at grip, cheek piece on left hand side. Black composition hand hold. Steel mounts engraved with foliate scrolls. John Blanch & Son label inside lid of case. P. & O. Shipping label on outside.

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