Percussion spring gun, cal. 27mm at muzzle, crudely made steel smooth bore cannon muzzle round barrel, 30.50cm long, secured via three screws to a steel collar mounted on a vertical post which is free to rotate on its base.

Made in Birmingham, England, 19th century.

Spring guns were mounted on a fixed post, while the cord(s) attached to the trigger rod are stretched out in any direction, so that when contact is made with the cord, the gun pivots on its base, pointing in the direction of the approaching person, and is discharged. They were often used to deter poachers, and some reports indicate their use in cemeteries to prevent body theft.

Physical Description

Left hand side scew not original. Long flat spring hammer mounted on top of barrel and secured at one end under the collar, open end above percussion nipple. A vertical post at breech end of barrel has a simply trigger mechanism attached, operated by a triggered rod with a ring mounted at the end. The trigger rod extends underneath barrel to muzzle end, with a cord attached to ring.

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