Colt Military Model 1902 automatic pistol, post-1908 production, cal. .38 in., rifled round barrel 148 mm (6 in.) long encased in slide. Manufactured by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut, serial number 37417, 1916. Australian Army School of Infantry no. M 1397.

Physical Description

Eight shot magazine located in butt, chequered ebonite grips with Colt rampant horse logo embossed on boths sides and the word 'COLT' below upper grip fastening screw, L.H.grip with chip to front of grip, lanyard ring on L.H.side at butt. Very good original blueing retained on all metal components.


The 1902 Military model followed the successful 1902 Sporting model, and previously the 1900 model - the first of Colt's automatic pistols. Early 1902 Military models had a rounded hammer, and chequered finger grip on the forward portion of the slide. Both these features were dropped in 1908, and the more conventional spur hammer reinstated and the finger grip moved back to the rear of the slide. Unlike the 1902 Sporting model, the Military model featured the inclusion of a lanyard ring on the L.H.side of the butt and a magazine 3/8" longer, allowing for the increased capacity from seven to eight rounds.

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